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Culture, arts and traditions

Just a few kilometres from Casa di ISAI and CASA DEI ZITELLI, BASTIA, a baroque and cultural town. BASTIA, a dynamic coastal resort. BASTIA, gastronomic and oenological centre.

BASTIA, gateway to Corsica, offers you the keys to your stay.

TOURIST OFFICE: 04 95 54 20 40

BASTIA was founded in 1378, when the Genoese governor, Leonello Lomellini, left the castle of Biguglia to settle in a stronghold in Bastia. This site dominated a fishermen’s navy, which was then called Porto Cardo (the present old port). His successors kept this residence from the settlement of Genoese citizens. From the construction of ramparts, protecting the new housing, a district was born: Terra Nova, (the present citadel).

The former Porto Cardo then became Terra Vecchio. The walls were completed in 1480 and it took fifty years (1530) to complete the palace of the governors, which was built against the old keep.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, the upper town followed the tradition of the Genoese towns (map on the site of the tourist office.).

Numerous religious brotherhoods were created and a very intense cultural life developed.

Between the sea and the surrounding mountains, the Pays Bastiais is lined with seaside resorts and dotted with hiking trails, offering a panoply of water sports activities, diving, sea walks, paddle, sailing and hiking, horse riding or 4WD. As many leisure activities as there are opportunities to move at the rhythm of one’s desires and fill up with emotion.


Discover the history of Bastia through our museums.

Bastia Museum, an exciting journey into the Bastia of yesteryear through our museums.

Place du donjon, la citadelle 20200 Bastia
Contact : 04 95 55 95 22

Place of military memory

Place du donjon, the citadel 20200 Bastia

Contact: 04 95 55 95 22

Far from the hustle and bustle, far from the major tourist sites, at the tip of the island, the Cap Corse invites you with the tip of your fingers to an unforgettable trip to the heart of a region with preserved nature and a unique heritage. Polyphonic songs, secular or sacred, are emblematic of Corsica’s identity.

Erbalunga, with its famous little port and its festival, Pietracorbara and its superb beach and paths, the visit continues to the Matei mill in ERSA, then the Giraglia seen from the superb creeks of Tolare and the beautiful beach of Barcaggio.

Macinaggio and Centuri, with their pretty fishing port and restaurants, are further along.

From Macinaggio departure for the Tuscan islands. The island of Elba, not forgetting the beautiful beach of Tamaronne.

Also worth seeing, Sisco, Baretalli, Olmetta Capicorsu,

Pino, Centuri, Canari, Nonza and BRANDO.

In Corsica there are many traditions, especially religious traditions.

They are commemorated with torchlight processions and rhythm with sacred songs.

The high points of religious and popular communion bear witness to the fervour of Corsican society.

Holy Week is celebrated in April in all Corsican villages. The famous Sartene procession can be mentioned in this respect.

We can also mention its Catenacciu, Lavasina and its impressive and sublime pilgrimage in September, where you can savour the sublime Corsican tripettes.

To all these traditions, the art of eating and drinking is combined.

The wine route

Continue along the road from the cape, passing through the Farinole marine and the cove of Fornali, in the direction of the Patrimonio PDO vineyards. Situated south of the Cap Corse, where Bastia and Saint Florent, the village of Patrimonio is an invitation to travel through the most beautiful vineyards of Upper Corsica. The rich soil of limestone, schist and granite, licked by the sun and the sea spray, gives the wines of Patrimonio all their richness and typicity. The PDO, Patrimonio is represented by 37 cellars or wine storehouses, to be discovered over 60 km, from Saint Florent to Patrimonio via Oletta. These noble and natural wines inspire a certain art of living! Don’t hesitate to make a stop at these estates, where the winegrower owners will be delighted to make you taste the fruit of their work with passion.

With its tasty terroir and local producers, the Pays Bastiais, like the whole of Corsica, is renowned for the quality of its products, which are the mirror of rural Corsica and its know-how. A real itinerary to taste the flavours of the island.

Corsica offers you a rich range of delicacies, to be tasted on the beach or at home or in the heart of the villages.

The charcuterie

The Coppa, the Lonzu, the Figatellu.


Brocciu, calenzana, cabrettu, and many sheep’s cheeses.


The Fiadone, the pasticciu, the canistrelli, the dead bread, the migliacci.


Its specialities such as, its good Capri pasquale, wild boar stew, veal with olives, stuffed and seafood delicacies depending on the region.

Come and share with us and with us at CASA DI L’ISAI, Pietracorbara and at CASA DEI ZITELLI, Erbalunga,

A magnificent and restful stay in the Corsican roads and paths, to discover the wonders of the island.

From the Corsican cape to Porto Vecchio and Bonifaccio,

From Cap Corse to St Florent (Saleccia),

From Cap Corse to Calvi and Ile Rousse,

From the Corsican Cape to Ajaccio, its creeks, Propriano.

From the Corsican cape to Corte.

LOVING my land, I like to combine the art of practicing my profession, (guest rooms, gites), in order to make you love a pleasant way of life, relaxation, calm and discovery, in an exceptional setting on our beautiful island, Corsica.